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White Dream Kitchen

Phoenix, AZ

A white kitchen is a top choice in recent remodel trends. It provides a clean look and opens up the space. It's also perfect to incorporate with many different styles. In this case we did a full home remodel for the current owners to fix up and sell. When fixing to sell, we keep in mind what the current buyers are looking for and work with a budget that is realistic for re-sale but impressive enough to solidify the sale. To accomplish this, we opened up the wall between the front room and the kitchen to create an open feel. Added a finished beam face to hide the existing unfinished support. We eliminated the small dining nook and incorporated the space into the kitchen. The master bath was a partially completed addition that we added cost effective yet aesthetically pleasing materials to. These materials and styles were carried throughout the rest of the bedrooms and bathrooms to create continuity throughout the house.    
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